2 Types of Credit Repair (DIY vs. Pro)

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We’ve received a lot of questions this week asking us about our credit repair process. Many customers want to know, what will raise their score fast?

We thought we’d answer this question for everyone right here.

The thing is… a lot of people begin fixing their credit by…

  • Trying to pay more toward their credit card balances
  • Getting a second job
  • Applying for a new card with a high balance, to help credit utilization.

Well, those might help your credit score if done in the right time and done correctly.

But we need to first get rid of the things that are negatively effecting your credit score.

You could spend the next 12 months actively doing the things listed above and ask “Why isn’t this working?! Why isn’t my score improving?!”

It’s because of the negative things hurting your score. More specifically…

Errors on your credit report.

And as long as those errors are there, they will hold your score down.

Imagine pushing a car up-hill vs. down-hill. Can you feel the difference?

So, how do you get them removed?

Two options…

#1. Do it yourself… (NOT recommended)

  • Buy self-help credit repair guides
  • Spend weeks learning how to read your credit report
  • Another few weeks learning how credit bureaus work
  • Another few weeks learning about filing disputes and paperwork
  • Spend hours on the phone will creditors and debt collection agencies
  • And hope you did everything right

Another way…

#2. Have Inversion Credit do it all for you (recommended).

Inversion Credit specializes in removing errors from your credit reports.

I think calling Inversion Credit is the best FIRST STEP you can make when you’ve decided to fix your credit score.

They’ll expose all the negative items that would otherwise hold down your score.

They do all the work to clean your report…and raise your score…so you don’t have to.

And it all starts with a simple chat on the phone.

In just a few minutes, a Credit Specialist will help you find out if they can clean your report…and raise your score.

Call Inversion Credit at (800-237-9570 right now for a FREE credit report analysis. 

Again, that number is:


Stay thirsty,

Inversion Credit

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