Credit Repair Companies… Real or Scam?

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Any luck finding a new credit source?

There will always be those bad apples in every industry, every profession, and every aspect of life. But when you’re choosing something as important as a credit repair company, how do you know if what they’re offering you is legitimate? Whoever you choose will have access to some very personal and sensitive information, how can you protect yourself? There is a stigma associated with the credit repair industry because of these bad apples. However, knowledge is power, and I will give you some knowledge to help you make the best decision for you, and your credit.

Situations like Craig’s List advertisements that say, “only $500, guaranteed to fix your credit!” 2 red flags right away, first, no legitimate credit company will ask you for that much money to get started, an initial setup fee is typical, but if it’s more than somewhere around $100-$150, chances are, it’s a scam. Second, no one can guarantee they can fix your credit. While there are companies out there with huge success rates, there will always be some people that no amount of disputing, or correction can fix. (Reasons vary, some people don’t change their ways and keep digging themselves deeper, some don’t do their part in the process, etc…) There are many pieces to the credit restoration process, and because the repair agency doesn’t have control over every aspect, they can never 100% guarantee success.

So what should you look for in a credit repair company to be sure they’re for real? You can always check their website, call and ask questions such as, how long does the process take? What does the process look like? Ask them what they need from you to have the process be successful, and ask them how they will be communicating with you. A solid credit repair program will communicate with you throughout the process. You need to trust the repair agency you choose, ask them what their terms are, is it month to month, or are they asking for some kind of commitment term? If it’s month to month, chances are they’re confident that you’ll be happy with their services, and stay for the process.

Inversion Credit is federally compliant, and will assist you with not only repairing your bad credit, but helping you build positive credit. Call or click today to find out more about the process, and how we can help you! 1-888-682-3455 or

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