Credit Score Hacks (that actually work)

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So, you’ve decided the time has come to buy your home. Exciting! Then you find out your Credit Score is too low to qualify for a Loan… A whole lot of us have been there and it’s not fun. Having Inversion Credit dispute and remove items on your Credit Report is vital to a good Score. If you’re not doing that, reach out to us, we are Pros at this.

But there are Folks that have already begun the process and looking for a more proactive approach. So we’ve provided “Credit Score Hacks (that actually work)”. 3 Hacks that will send your FICO Score up.



1. Apply for Secure Credit Card

So, you’ve probably noticed that it’s darn near impossible to get a credit card without a fair credit Score. Seems like a catch-22 huh? Well not entirely true. Credit Cards do help build your credit but you don’t need an amazing score to get one, in fact you don’t even need a good score. Now, before you run off and start applying for every Credit Card on the internet, let me just say this… DON’T DO THAT!!!

Fact – Each time you apply for a credit card, loan or financing, it’s 5 points off your Credit Score. These little devils are called inquires, and they typically stay on your Credit Report for 12 Months. But you can Check your own Credit Score anytime without inquire hits. You can check your Credit Score now for free to see where you stand.
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To save you time and headaches, we recommend the Capital One Platinum Secure Card. This Card allows a $50 deposit with a $200 Credit Line. Not a lot? You don’t need a lot to build a good credit standing. You will be using this card for 3-6 Months and then either request a credit limit increase, or request to be moved over to an unsecured Credit Card.

2. Utilize 30% of your Credit Limit

Next Hack – use 30% of a revolving credit line. The only thing worse than paying your Credit Card late, is maxing out your card. Let’s do the math – if you have a credit limit of $200 then you should spend less than $60 per Month.
200 x .30 = 60

How does this work? The Credit Bureaus measures with “Debt to Income Ratio”. This system is found a few places in your Credit Report. Debt to Income Ratio is a system that tells Lenders how much you make(income) vs how much you’re spending(debt).

Basically, it tells Lenders whether or not you are paying your debt and if you have room enough to take on more debt. If you have a Credit Card with a limit of $2,000 for example, and you spend $1,950 then you’ve spent 97.5% of your limit. That accurately tells Lenders that you are dependent on your Credit Card, and that you don’t have room for more debt. Ouch!

3. Use Different Lines of Credit

Our last Credit Score Hack involves utilizing different lines of credit. Credit Cards are not the only form of Credit that can do you some good – I know.. shocking!

Major types of Credit:

Revolving credit

Credit Cards are in the category of revolving credit – meaning the credit returns back to you once paid. Despite popular belief, credit cards are not the best nor only type of credit to help your Score. That being said, Lenders want to see different types of Credit being used. A Personal Loan for example falls into the Installment Category and looks good to Lenders and is considering “good debt”. Determining what types of Credit Lines you want to open boils down to how Lenders think when they look at your Credit Report.

Remember, your FICO Score is not the end-all-be-all, it’s simply a reflection of whats on your Report and how that Bureau interprets the Report. At Inversion Credit we know how it’s interpreted and know what actions to take for the greatest results.

That concludes Credit Score Hacks(that actually work). Did you find this helpful? Cool, leave us a comment on our Facebook Page –

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