Fun Fact Friday Returns!

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Hi all! It’s been a while! We were talking about some of your rights as a consumer under the FCRA, (Fair Credit Reporting Act) so let’s recap, and go over the next right covered.

We talked about:

-Your right to receive a copy of your credit report.

-What happens with inquiries when you apply for a new line of credit if you’re denied.

Now let’s talk about inaccurate information on your credit report. If you tell a consumer reporting agency that your file contains inaccurate information, the agency must promptly investigate the matter with the source that provided the information. If the investigation fails to resolve the dispute, you may add a statement to your credit file explaining the matter.

As with many financial related issues, it’s usually best to get help from a professional to make the process smoother, quicker, and more successful. At Inversion Credit we have developed a process that has helped thousands in half the time, and for far less money than industry standards. You can get a FREE consultation with a credit consultant and decide for yourself!

Have a great weekend!


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