Fun Friday! Free Things To Do!

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With summertime just around the corner, (kids getting out of school, more daylight hours to use,) many of us who are living on a budget are constantly in need of things to do that won’t break our budget into little tiny pieces. Here are some things you can do for free! Don’t limit yourself to just this list! Let this list spark your creativity!

  1. Audit a college class (most schools will allow you to audit 1 class per semester, meaning you get the knowledge, not the credit)
  2. Sell old clothing to a consignment shop
  3. Volunteer your time at a shelter or soup kitchen
  4. Organize your own walking tour of your city! Make sure to visit historical and cultural sites
  5. Make your own boot camp for you and your friends, you’ll get a great workout and have fun
  6. Go on a photography adventure
  7. Make a scavenger hunt for you and your friends, test everyone’s memory of your friendship by using puzzles that include inside jokes and stories to lead them to the items
  8. Go geocaching (more at
  9. Go to a grandparent’s house and teach them how to text
  10. Host a potluck picnic, have all of your friends bring something from their cupboard or a dish/snack under $5

Have any other ideas? I’d love to hear them! Just check out our Facebook and send me a message! Have a great weekend!

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