Fun Friday!

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First of all, I hope the bring your lunch to work challenge is going well! If you did it, figure out how much you saved, and reward yourself tomorrow by buying lunch!

When negativity is all around, staying happy and positive is a challenge. The unfortunate part is that you may have to create your own happiness and positivity to keep yourself on the happy track. The fortunate part, is when you create your own positivity you share it with those around you. You never know who needs a friendly hello, or someone to just not be rude or mean. Your actions are contagious, whether you choose to spread happiness or not is your choice. Why not try to make the world a brighter place? There’s no telling how much you can change the course of events by choosing happiness.

We all have to find our own way to do this, one thing I try to do when I feel myself starting to spread negativity is reading happy quotes and stories. I’m a huge animal lover so cute pictures of puppies or happy rescue/reunion stories usually do it for me. Like this one:


This week do some searching to find a way you can perk yourself up to keep on spreading happiness and positivity! I promise you, it’s contagious and you’ll see the effects before you know it!

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