Fun Friday! The Life Edition

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When was the last time you made and accomplished a goal, or a to-do list for yourself with some less than pleasant items, or items that required more than the usual effort? We all have those things that we find any and every excuse to put off. It could be going back to school, re-doing your resume so you can find a better job that doesn’t put your stomach in knots when you walk in, cleaning the garage, or even sticking to a budget. We all put a lot of these things off for lots of reasons, one of the big ones is the fear of failure. Today’s blog is a little different, it’s week 1 of a 4 week series. We’ll go over 1 of 4 ways you can keep yourself motivated to accomplish your goals each week. Don’t forget! There is no failure, except not to try.




Get Positive – There’s a saying, “fake it ’til you make it” and it is true. For instance, say your job involves customer service, (we all know people are jerks when they’re the ones shopping,) if someone approaches you for help, do you think they are going to be more polite and friendly if you’re standing there, hand on hip, maybe your phone is out, and you look quite unenthusiastic…OR… do you think that customer will respond better if you perk up, smile and say, “is there something I can help you with today?” Before you say it, there are ALWAYS going to be those people who are just miserable and will be rude and cranky no matter how upbeat you are. Kill them with kindness! Still wish them a good day and smile, maybe you can help them smile once. Remember, they are miserable, and misery loves company. The best part about “fake it ’til you make it” is that you really will feel happier before you know it, you’ll have more energy, you’ll enjoy life more, and those who try to drag you down to their level with negativity? It will be so much easier to let it roll right off your back like it never happened.

You will have days that this is harder to do than others, it’s a fact of life, we all have bad days. It’s also a big part of what makes a successful person, the ability to remember that you are the only one with the control over your life to make the changes you want to see happen. So power through! If you need a way to relax, yoga does some amazing things to help recenter you after a bad day especially, and nighttime yoga will help you get a more restful night’s sleep so you can bounce right back and make the next day your best day so far!

Have a great weekend! Namaste!


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