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This last week, I saw lots of articles, posts, and “advice” to stay away from credit cards. They all said things like, “credit cards will make you broke!” or, “you don’t need credit cards!” Credit cards are not the only way to build credit, but people who think you don’t need credit in today’s society are really sticking their heads in the sand, or just have so much money they can’t understand why the rest of us put so much importance on our credit score.

I hate to break it to all you ostriches out there, but the hard truth is, credit cards won’t make you go broke, using them irresponsibly will. Those who d0n’t need credit cards, don’t need them because they can pay cash for a house, all of it. That’s why they don’t need to worry about if they can get a loan with an interest rate they can afford, (this also applies to cars, college, pretty much anything us normal people don’t have the cash lying around for).

Coming from someone who has worked very hard to have good credit, I can promise you that putting in the work to repair your own credit, and then continuing to do what it takes to keep it up is so worth it. Just last month, I moved into a new apartment, a friend of mine wanted to move into the same complex, so we went in to see what we needed to do. They told us, depending on credit the deposit is anywhere from $150 to $600. My credit pulled $150, his got $550. I got my apartment, and he couldn’t afford the deposit.

Building credit doesn’t take a lot of money, it takes discipline, knowing your limits, and learning correct utilization. We have been providing you almost all of the info you need to get started, when you’re ready to make that first step towards lower deposits, and a brighter financial future, call or click to get the guidance you need from a specialist! -or- 1-800-355-5670


Have a great week everyone!!

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