Monday Madness Matter… Budgeting Tip

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As much as none of us WANT to live on a budget, the reality of it is, 33% of Americans say they have a detailed household budget, 30% say they have long term financial plans, and guess what, of the Americans who set financial goals for 2014, and stuck to it, 80% said they achieved their goals in 2015! 80%! Could you imagine accomplishing your financial goals within 1-2 years!

One of the best tips you can get about sticking to your budget, is to treat your personal spending, like an expense report. Meaning keep your receipts, match them up to your credit card bills, utility bills, etc, and keep a written record, (digital or handwritten, whichever works best for you,) by seeing where you’re spending your money, how much and how frequently, you will be able to adjust and maybe cut some expenses, your spending habits become more predictable, and most importantly by knowing your finances better you will be able to hold yourself accountable. (Get it? ACCOUNTable!)


For more budgeting strategies and tips, check out my blog from a few weeks ago Budgeting Money and if debt consolidation is something you need to look into, check out the options from our friends at American Debt Enders!

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