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Happy Monday!!

I’ve mentioned before the importance of keeping receipts to help you stick to a budget, but what it can also help you prevent is identity theft and fraud. Saving your receipts to match up to your credit card and/or bank statements ensures that you were charged the right amount, and also that there are no unauthorized charges on your accounts. I like to follow the CYB rule pretty much all the time, (CYB- Cover Your Butt). Just a few weeks ago a friend was paying for dinner and he’s always careful about making sure he keeps his receipts and writes how much he left for the tip on his copy as well. Unfortunately, not everyone in this world has integrity, and the waitress apparently was unhappy with her tip, (he was unhappy with her lack of service,) so she tried to change the tip amount. So when he got his statement and the totals didn’t match, he called the restaurant and told them the situation, and he had to go show them his copy but they corrected the charge.

So save yourself some money and worry, CYB!

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