Monday Madness Matter|Peer Pressure

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Happy Monday!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Peer pressure has such a negative stigma attached to it. I’m sure the first thing you think when seeing this picture is some jerk trying to get the basketball player to smoke. But what if it was the other way around? Peer pressure isn’t necessarily a bad thing, maybe the basketball player is trying to get the smoker to come play a game instead of smoking!

When you have a goal you want to accomplish, surrounding yourself with like-minded people who will encourage you, (and yes, peer pressure you,) to complete the goal will help. If you want to lose weight, spend your free time with people who won’t try to get you to break your diet. Trying to save money? Spend your time with people who don’t go out all the time and won’t pressure you to go do things that break your budget.

Side note, changing your perspective on things, like peer pressure, can also help you see things in a new light which can also help keep you happy and motivated!

What are your trying to do differently this week?

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