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timeThat feeling we all get when we realize the month is nearly over and we didn’t get something done yet, now we have 5 days to get it done? Isn’t it just WONDERFUL!? Not. Just like with money budgeting, we should always give ourselves a bit of a cushion when budgeting our time. If you’re like me, you’ve got plans, big plans, plans that will take months if not years to complete. How on earth can we make it so that the knot in our stomachs when a deadline comes up doesn’t rule our lives?

Spreadsheets! Use a spreadsheet to see what your tasks for the day, week, and month are. Assign dates and times to them, and even set reminders for yourself so nothing slips through the cracks. We all have a lot going on so give yourself every chance and help you can. Your phone is probably always on you, use the reminders and alerts right on there.

Cushions… if a task should take you about 60 minutes¬†to complete, allow yourself 90 minutes. If you have some time left over, don’t put the next thing off, reallocate the leftover time to the next task. If that task leaves you with time leftover, give it to the next task, and so on. Then daily or weekly see how much time you have left over, and do something fun with it. Make sure that you give yourself time to rest so you don’t burn yourself out. But if you schedule yourself to do something you know needs to get done, stick to it. Even if something you’d rather do comes up, remind yourself that you set the schedule for a reason.

Don’t over book. It’s so tempting to want to get everything done, and see everyone you can, and before you know it, there’s a week’s worth of laundry and no time to do it. Be smart about your commitments, and don’t be afraid to say, “no” if you see that you can’t swing it.

It seems pretty simple, no? Just remember that you have to stick to it. You can help keep yourself on track and motivated in lots of ways, (see some of my previous posts,) but the biggest one is to remember that you set a schedule for a reason. Have a great week! Make it count!

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