The 4 Reasons People Dodge Credit Repair (and other mistakes)

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Let’s face it – nobody likes a dodgy person.

The sort of people that avoid things without first knowing the facts. Oh wait! I wasn’t pointing the finger at you.


no one is pointing the finger

Let’s spend a few minutes covering 4 popular reasons you …I mean people… dodge Credit Repair.

They Think It’s Hopeless or They’re Skeptical

Lots of folks are not familiar with “credit repair”; and without knowing all the facts they don’t put too much faith in it. After all it’s much easier to be skeptical of something than investigate it. Feeling hopeless about your bad credit score is pretty normal. But you don’t have to stay there! We encourage you to take 30 minutes browsing our blog. Go ahead, familiarize yourself with the industry. If you have any questions give us a call! 1-888-682-3455

They Think Avoiding Their Credit Score Helps

This is also a very popular response to a bad credit score. Word from the wise, don’t avoid your bad credit, it will come back to haunt you. We’ve seen this a ton of times. Folks just drop the ball on their student loans or let accounts go into collections thinking it will eventually go away. After all… “isn’t there a 7 year rule or something?”

if your score is scary, don’t stick your head in the sand

They Think Credit Repair Costs a Fortune

I’ll say this – if you are ready to take action on repairing your bad credit scores and you begin making phone calls and come across credit consultants, agencies, businesses, pros, etc. that guarantee to fix your credit score, in such-and-such time, with $1,000 down — hang up on them! A guarantee is not how credit repair works. Only work with companies that offer service with a Monthly Fee and that bill you only after the work is completed. Capeesh!?

They Think Good Credit Is For Grownups

Only grownups buy homes and stuff. Huh? You’d be surprised how many folks think this way. Procrastinating isn’t the best approach to credit repair. The consensus is that having good credit is only for large purchases or for grownup stuff. Well you owe it to yourself and to your family to plan your future. The fact is that good credit is not only for the large things like Mortgage Loans and Car Financing. “I don’t need a credit card, I pay cash for everything and I own my vehicle”. That’s actually not a bad way to live – until an emergency arises and a credit card will make or break the situation.

Let’s consider the inescapable fact – things are changing, credit scores are being used to measure risk assessment in nearly every corner of our lives. Renting? They check your credit scores. Cell Phone contract? They check your credit scores. Let’s keep fighting the good fight – plan your future.

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