The How-To Guide To Destroying Your Credit Score

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The world of credit scores can get pretty ugly and everyone can use a little help when it comes to navigating their credit.

The How To Guide To Destroying Your Credit Score is meant to lend perspective. The goal of this post is to show folks things they should avoid in their credit decisions.

be intentional with your credit decisions. Don’t make credit choices without first having a reason backup the choice you are making.

In just a moment we will look at list of things that WILL DESTROY your credit score in no time. This might look like a list of things that we don’t have control over and it may be controversial. Well, there are definitely exceptions in everything and if you are reading todays post, you could be that exception. So take this a defensive approach to a healthy credit score. Let’s begin!

#1. Delinquent Child Support
#2. Judgments
#3. Collections
#4. Charge Offs
#5. Settlements
#6. Repossessions / Foreclosures

Did you know delinquent child support can sink your credit score? Or that settlements go on your credit report? Let’s look at these two items –

Delinquent Child Support

Child support is real tough for both men and women and if someone you know pays child support, they know missing payments has legal consequences. But most folks don’t know that it will go on their credit report. Delinquent child support, along with judgments and settlements are Court ordered and by law, will reflect an account on your credit report.


This is one that a lot of folks have dealt with. Most outstanding debts that get ignored will go to collections. But for a lot of people, the debt is so overwhelming that there are no option. Heavy credit card debt, student loans and medical bills are among the most common collection accounts, but it doesn’t need to destroy your credit score.

The goal is to take action on your account before it goes to collections

Take student loans for example. There are several options if you are having a hard time paying them back.
Forbearance  or Deferment – Temporarily pause making payments but the account shows good standing and reflects on-time payments to the credit bureaus.
Income Drive Plan – Your payments are based on your income not the amount owed on the debt. This can be as low as $5 or $10 per month.
Student Loan Rehabilitation – Your student loans already went to collections? Then enroll in the Student Loan Rehabilitation Program. You make 10 on-time payments over 10 months(as low as $5 per month), and your account will come out of collections, will be given back to the original lender and shown as current. If you’re wise, you can try a combination of rehabilitation and first two. This will ensure your account will stay in good standing.

That’s all we have time for today! Sorry to leave you in suspense, but if you have questions on anything I did not cover, you can post your questions on Facebook and we will answer you promptly!

Stay wise my friends


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