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This week we will cover the ever so brief, but major topic that so many people are not aware of. I’ve mentioned this before, but just so we’re all on the same page…


If you think paying cash for everything will keep your credit score in good shape, not borrowing from anyone, not having to worry about interest rates, or payment dates, only spending the money you have in hand, sounds pretty smart…



The fact is, everyone needs credit. Credit is required for apartment rentals, cell phones, utilities, some jobs, purchasing or leasing a vehicle, and more. If you haven’t defaulted on payments, or let accounts go to collection, it doesn’t mean you have good credit. Payment history makes up 35% of your credit score, so no payment history + no negative credit = no credit at all.


Do yourself, and your future a favor. Get a secured credit card, it will open up payment options, (not all online stores/websites accept pre-paid cards,) and build payment history for you. Even if right now you don’t see yourself needing anything that requires credit, when that unexpected event pops up, and you need a new car, or you need a personal loan, or if you decide to get your own apartment…


Here’s a link to a great secured card, check it out! Capital Bank – OpenSky® Secured Visa

Have a marvelous week!

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